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About FMP Media Solutions' Range of Services 9+ Global Divisions

Below are brief "Drop-Down" areas for some of FMP Media Solutions Family of International Companies Global Divisions.
You can visit any one of our Global Divisions Solutions Centers on Facebook & Twitter by visiting their main website; follow the proper links below.

About Us - (FMP Media's Global Family of Solutions)

FMP Media Solutions HQ & Global Divisions Since 1986.

FMP Media Solutions was founded in 1986 and has been providing professional  services & eBusiness solutions since our inception. We were a leading forerunner in the cdrom era; training many other companies when the digital data took to the internet. FMP Media Solutions Family of Companies is headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona USA and has support centers globally. FMP Media Solutions is a Family of International Companies with Over 9 Global Divisions.

The FMP Media Solutions Family Divisions are available to handle technological nuances; when leveraged, give your company the edge; utilizing tight integration at all levels.
We Know Technology ...and a thing ..or two... about those who use it !

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Communications - (Virtual Secretaries, Virtual PBX, Messaging Integrations)

FMP Media Network Solutions has complete telecom, multi-communication channels, mobile & remote office functionality features required to stay in-touch at all touch points. Multiple paths of business and corporate communication are available. Communication solutions can be custom designed to enhance and support your business goals. FMP Media/Networks Solutions Telecom division gets you connected & keeps you connected; all while offering dependable and manageable feature sets.

FMP Media Solution's Telecom division will assist you in evaluating your telecom, mobile and complete communication needs by utilizing our expert telecom consultants.

Communication Consulting, efax, email, telecom, Voip.
  • Answering Messaging & Announcement Voices
  • Call Center & Voip Technologies
  • Call Recording Live "on-the-fly" Recording
  • Call Feature Management & Custom Call Routing Rules
  • Internet Fax - (Email send/receive)
  • Live Operator Support Services
  • Mobile & Remote Office Connectivity
  • Multiple Phone Extensions
  • Phone Service & VoIP Connectivity
  • Virtual Receptionists
  • Virtual PBX
  • Virtual Secretary
  • Voice-mail (w/Email Delivery)

FMP Media Solution's Telecom division will coordinate and consolidate communication connections for your business. We connect you locally and globally; remote offices, mobile sales-force, email on the go and find me faxing. Virtual office interconnect with extensions over VoIP technology will give your business a local telephone number in remote markets. All traditional communication mechanisms can now be integrated with newer, savings enabling features. Your office is now anywhere and everywhere. PBX & PBAX mobile technologies for telecommunications convergence.

Visit our Telecommunication Solutions Division main web site here:

Consulting - (Business, Logistics, Management, Processes, Technology & More)

FMP Media Solutions takes pride to be the hired advisers to a variety of businesses in diverse market segments. FMP Media has the resources; qualified consultants equipped with proper tools, expertise and knowledge; that truly sets us apart from all others. FMP Media Solutions' team can tackle a wide variety of business problems and provide swift solutions to meet a client's needs. Strategic consulting; providing insight and perspective on key core issues is one of our main focal points.

FMP Media Solutions provides highly specialized consulting:

  • Business Management Consulting
  • IT Strategy and Planning (ITSP) Consulting
  • Marketing and Advertising Consulting
  • Public Relations Consulting
  • Chain, Franchises & Retail Stores
  • Logistics Consulting
  • Step Change Process
  • Forensic Auditing & Accountability Overviews

FMP Media Solutions has created a fundamental, forerunner learning environment for our consultants. The constant learning our diverse consulting projects promotes our fresh & innovative ideaology; presented in an execution plans easily implemented into a time-line. FMP Media Solution's staff is gifted with brilliance bright, foucesed work ethics and highly motivated. You will enjoy working with us.

FMP Media Consulting provides solutions based on a client's needs and priorities.

We help define the priorities required for an action plan that can be easily implemented on your own time-line by utilizing.

  • Discovery Process (Q & A)
  • Planning and Prioritizing
  • Action Initiatives & Action Evaluations

Proper implementation of any solution requires an overview of procedures, operations and processes. Our experience and knowledge allows us to ask the key fundamental questions to develop a intimate understanding of your situation. FMP Media Solutions Consulting Group believes that conversational dialogue is instrumental in exposing the hidden potential pitfalls and uncovering the paths to build upon. If you have questions; we have solutions.

Visit FMP Media Solutions Consulting Division main web site here:

FMP Legal - (Professional Practice Specialties)

FMP Media Solutions Legal Division is specialized in professional practice environments.

All professional practices have unique and specific operations. Specialized consultation is required prior to any implementations. FMP Media Solutions Legal Disvsion has the intimate knowledge, experience and expertise through our client base that ensures we understand your business needs. Many professional practice environments have stringent industry guidelines and standards that must be observed. Security of information intensive environments is critical when dealing with client or patient data or other sensitive information.

Adherence to industry policy & guidelines while easing the demands these procedures can create is an essential element for professional practice and their operations.

  • Document & Imaging Intensive Environments
  • Forms Processing & Document Archival
  • Integrity, Reliability, Conscientious Consulting
  • Medical, Legal, Real Estate & Financial Environments
  • Mobile Devices & Mobility Know-How
  • Telecommuting & Remote Teleworker Site Access
  • Secure; Encrypted Data Access and Storage
  • Security Requirements, Policy & Guidelines
  • Sharing & Collaborative Team Environments

FMP Media/Solutions Divisions have years of experience in working within the legal, medical and other similar professional practice environments. We can streamline your daily procedures leveraging the most out of technology and allow for a smoother overall operations environment. This makes everyone happier even the bottom line.

FMP Medical - (Professional Practice IT & Management)

Who Needs Data Encryption or Email Security ?

Data or Email encryption isn’t for everyone but is critical for many. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below you should consider ensuring your privacy with some form of secure data & email service.
• Do you exchange confidential financial or personal data via email?
• Is your business in the financial, legal, or health care industries?
• Are you concerned about the email privacy and security of yourself and others?
• Subject to compliance audits for regulatory policies such as HIPAA, SOX or GLBA?

Most of the questions we receive are about HIPAA, SOX or GLBA concern encrypting data. There are several places where encryption can be applied

Visit FMP Media Solution's Medical Practice Division main web site here:FMP Medical Solutions Professional Practice Main Website Here

Internet Consulting

Communication is a key ingredient to success in today's fast paced global business environment. FMP Media Solutions delivers focused solutions for data management, useful implementations of innovative technologies and traditional key communication components for Yesterday's, Today's and Tomorrow's business operations.

Network access, Data transmission, Hardware systems, Software applications and Information sharing-extending technologies; all play a vital role in the communication process.

FMP Media Solutions Networks specialize in communication & internet technologies. We empower efficiency everyday by furthering business visibility, security and effectiveness of businesses in competitive economic times...

FMP Solutions in Communication, Voice, efax, email, voip systems.
  • Internet Applications & Development
  • Internet Connectivity & Security
  • Website Service & Support
  • Email Protection & Secure Messaging
  • Mobile Device Implementations
  • Data Synchronization
  • Specific & Broad Communication Knowledge
  • Telecom, Data, Voice Integrations.
  • WiFi, VOIP, Feature Rich Competitive Access

Full encompassing technologies spanning the broad communication channels mean you need a team knowledgeable in the latest internet technologies. FMP Media Solutions' Team of Internet Consultants bring the knowledge of technology's cutting edge to your arsenal for slicing through to new markets and stronger business operations

Visit our Internet Consulting Solutions Division main web site here:

IT Computer Services

FMP Media Solutions is an industry leader in Computer IT Strategy & Planning (ITSP).

FMP Media Solutions Computer IT Consulting implement information technologies best practices. Our Information Technology Strategic Plans (ITSP) include technology strategies to plan for the future and initiatives to achieve the goals of your business operations.
We implement proven methods for measuring results.

FMP Media Solutions Consultants uses Information Technology Strategic Planning procedures to formulate strategies for your specific business requirements.

FMP Media Solution's qualified team members will assist you in reviewing your business activities offering continuous improvement, ideas and performance tuning steps.

Marketing & Public Relations


When taking on any client initiative we team up a consultant to refine the project scope and define the desired strategic outcome. Once a strategy is in place an methodical action plan is unleashed to drive your initiative.

FMP Media's Professional Marketing Services Divisions:

  • Authors & Public Figures
  • Businesses
  • Billboards & Outdoor Media
  • Event Planning
  • Full Service Campaigns
  • Geo Linguistic Optimization (GLO)
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Public Relations & News Releases
  • Professional Practice Specialists
  • Public Service Announcements

FMP Media Solutions Networks provides solutions based on a client's needs, priorities and initiative scope. We help define the requirements for your action plan through a thorough discovery process (Q & A). Detailed planning, prioritization of your time line and coordination of your action initiatives become the foundation we build your project upon.

Visit our Marketing & Public Relation Solutions Division main web site here:

Networks & Cloud Computing - ( Private Clouds, Backups, Virtual PBX)

We provide a large range of cloud computing services & cloud migration consulting. Cloud Computing is enabling customers to access; email, pbx, data backups, virtual desktops, voip telecom adn many other IT services from the cloud without any infrastructure investment or any services deployed in-house. We take complex services and makes them consumable to small and medium-sized businesses through abstraction, a complete array of IT and communications services.

    Desktop Computing & Virtual Desktops
  • Hosted virtual desktop
  • Remote desktop working

  • Software and Applications
  • Software as a service
  • Client server apps

  • Email & Communications
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • BlackBerry, iPhone

  • File Sharing & Collaboration
  • Hosted File Server
  • Cloud storage

  • VoIP & Phone Systems
  • Hosted Phone & VOIP system
  • Hosted VOIP & Comms
  • Hosted Phone system

  • Storage
  • Cloud Storage & Backup
  • On Demand cloud storage
  • Desktop & server backup

  • Servers
  • Server Hosting & Virtual Infrastructure
  • Dynamic servers
  • Virtual Servers

At the heart of our philosophy is the idea that businesses should only pay for the resources they need, but should also be able to access additional resources at the touch of a button. This notion of a truly scalable infrastructure – available on a simple, transparent, monthly subscription – underpins all our offerings and allows us to provide affordable, enterprise class IT provision to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Security & Protection - ( Data Encryption, VPN, Firewalls, Fault Tolerance)

Data security is vital in today's information intensive environments.

Securing your data, network, remote & physical premises are key to deterring the detriments that insecure operations can cause. Daily encrypted backup is a priority. Traffic filtering for malicious code and intrusion detection should be standard practice if you are connected to any network.
A breach in any mission critical business operation process area can be costly.

FMP Media Solutions Security Division utilizes various techniques and systems to implement a range of security to protect your business's integrity.

  • Firewalled Network Access Points
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Network Security & Encrypted Data Transmission
  • Email Filtering & Encryption
  • Backup Encrypted Data Storage
  • Mobile Device Lock-Down
  • Server & Workstation Restrictions
  • Fault Tolerant Power Supplies
  • Fault Tolerant Raid Data Drives
  • Physical Premise and Structural Access Points
  • Asset Protection & Privacy Guidelines

FMP Media/Networks Security Division places prevention and planned protection as the critical element in the ability for a business to avoid costly downtime. Business Data can be damaged with something as simple as a unplanned power outage. Data being accessed or transferred; open files and database records can all be damaged if they are interrupted or come to a halt due to a power failure. Servers, routers, switches, workstations, internet devices are key points of failure. Operating systems are vulnerable to file system corruption and hard drive failures. Failure is eminent; just of question of where and when; FMP Media/Networks Security has solutions to get you up and running again after such an event. Where is your key business data? Are you protected ?

Security is vital in today's information intensive environments. Securing your data, network, remote and physical premises are key to deterring the detriments that insecure operations can cause. Daily encrypted backup is a priority. Traffic filtering for malicious code and intrusion detection should be standard practice if you are connected to any network.
A breach in any mission critical business operation process area can be costly.

Visit our Security & Protection Solutions Division main web site here:

Social Media Marketing - (Brand Positioning, Audience Listening, ROI Metrics & Analytics)

  • Your customers may be on your website but are your prospects arriving there?
  • If you could get new customers without having them come to your website, would you care?
  • How about building brand recognition & trust off your website so your conversion rate from your website goes up?

We infuse social media marketing into an online marketing plan

The end result is serious exposure & establishment of your brand in the top social media websites; that currently represents over 40% 50% 60% 75% (it keeps growing) of all Internet traffic.
This also has a two fold affect as it gets our client's businesses ranked in the top of search engines. It is this unique approach that we integrate for our clientele; we leverage social media marketing to build, expand & mesh marketing channels.

There are many channels that can be used to start this approach.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • HubSpot
  • Google Buzz
  • GroupOn
  • Digg, etc, etc,

There are many diverse Social Media Marketing avenues to travel down these days as a more diverse and mobile population have access to touch point on your brand and business identity.
Leveraging the mobile society and their continual interaction through these social media communities leaves huge opportunities available for companies, brands, marketing, advertising and streams of revenue to flow to your business through these social media virtual outlets.
While virtual in nature; the very real physical alignment of social media networks in the real world is track-able to establish (ROI) Return On Investment Statistical Financial models.

Visit our Social Media Marketing Solutions Division main web site here:

Travel Industry Global Expansion - (We are recruiting for qualified candidates.)

The Travel Industry is an estimated $8 Trillion dollar global industry.(2015)

We are actively recruiting, hiring and bringing on many new team members to work with us in over 28 countries. If you are looking for a fun rewarding change in your life you may want to consider the travel industry. Contact us by visiting our primary travel division website to learn more about our travel expansion and all of the job opportunities that are available. You will not only realize financial rewards but a lifestyle that allows you more fun, freedom and fullfilment.

Read More .. global travel expansion division Click here....

VoiP & Telecom - ( Call Recording, Follow Me#s, Call Routing)

FMP Media/Networks Solutions has complete telecom, communication and mobile office functionality features required to stay in-touch. Multiple paths of corporate communication are available. Dependable and manageable communication solutions can be custom designed to enhance and support your business goals. FMP Media/Networks Solutions gets you connected & keeps you connected.

FMP Media Solutions will assist you in evaluating your telecom, mobile and complete communication needs by utilizing our expert consultants for your individual or big business needs.

  • Call Que Messaging & Announcement Voices
  • Call Center Service Technology
  • Call Recording - Inbound & Outbound Recording
  • Call Management - Custom Routing Rules
  • Internet Fax w/ (Email send/receive)
  • Live Person - Operator Services
  • Mobile & Remote Office Connectivity
  • Multiple Phone Extensions & Directories
  • VoIP Connectivity
  • Virtual Receptionists
  • Virtual Secretary
  • Voice-mail w/ (Email Delivery)

FMP Media Solutions brings efficiency to our entire communication strategy. We connect you locally, globally, remote offices, mobile sales-force, email on the go and "Find Me" faxing. Virtual office interconnect with extensions over VoIP technology will give your business a local telephone number in remote markets. All traditional communication mechanisms can now be integrated with newer, savings enabling features. Your office is now anywhere, everywhere and anytime.

FMP Media Solutions Telecom Division

Web sITE Design

FMP Media Solutions start each Web-design development project with a comprehensive website design plan. Prior to creating a web design for any website endeavor we perform a complete analysis of the requirements, target markets and competition.

Our professional web designers are experienced in structuring the media elements of sites for the intended target market audience. FMP Media's world class web design services include the best in graphics and vivid visuals to engage the customer base you desire. Specialized content writers are assigned to every project to help you connect and "close the deal" with deliberate decisive verbiage.

FMP Media solutions website design division creates effective websites that succeed in delivering messages, advertising and information to target audiences; obtaining the desired results for our clients.

Web-SITE Marketing

FMP Media Solution's Marketing Divisions assists clients to achieve higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking. Our internet marketing services produce significant traffic and sales for our clients. We provide large corporations, small niche companies, individuals and start-up companies a high level exposure with a more results oriented approach.

FMP Media's internet marketing division implements a thoughtful and meticulous multi-phase optimization process that involves regular detailed analysis of your website to improve your page ranking. Our years of experience and ongoing internet strategies continually evolve to give you the online visibility vehicle you need.

In order to succeed at Search Engine Optimization, we hold ourselves to a stringent search engine strategy. With the amount of information that is available on the internet it is critical that your web design includes maximum Search Engine Optimization. Each word, phrase or reference that is written by our specialized content creation staff provides you with top rank results.

FMP Marketing divisions deliver tangible results for your confidential; strategic social media marketing or internet campaign.

FMP Media Solultions Website Marketing Division

Web Site Consulting - ( Site Planning, Strategic Elements, Insights)

FMP Media's web design division consultants spend time with each client to create a custom web design that provides a compelling & easily navigable website. FMP Media's experienced staff will create a customized web site that will enable your message to be clearly communicated. All of our designs incorporate special trade secrets that achieve internet marketing initiative results higher than industry standards.

Our preliminary consulting takes into consideration the different areas that are critical for launching a productive site. The consultation process encompasses all aspects of web design; web hosting, content management, web development, search engine optimization and easy website maintenance. Our internet business consultants will conduct extensive research about your business, your intended target market and understand your competitor's; all the while keeping your budget in consideration.