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About FMP Media Solutions' Range of Services 9+ Global Divisions

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FMP Media/Networks Solutions Family was founded in 1986 and has been providing professional services & eBusiness solutions since our inception. We were a leading forerunner in the cdrom era; training many other companies when the digital data took to the internet. FMP Media Solutions Family of Companies is headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona USA and has support centers globally. FMP Media is a Family of International Companies with Over 9 Global Divisions. The FMP Media Family Divisions are available to handle the technological nuances that can be leveraged to give your company the edge by utilizing a tight integration at all levels. We Know Technology !

FMP Media Solutions Team believe that proper implementation of any solution requires a clear and transparent overview of the procedures, operations and processes of our clients. FMP Media's experience and knowledge-base allows our talented staff to ask the key fundamental questions to develop a intimate understanding of your internet marketing, eCommerce and business needs. Conversational dialogue is instrumental in exposing the hidden pitfalls and uncovering paths to build upon. One of our core divisions is Consulting and Communication. If you have questions, we have solutions.

FMP Media/Networks Solutions provides solutions based on a client's needs, priorities and time-lines. We can help define the priorities required for your action plan through a thorough discovery process (Q & A), detailed planning and prioritizing according to your time-line and needs. We use all the action initiatives and evaluations; making them the basis for your design, campaign, new venture or other endeavor.

  FMP Media Solutions has unique technological knowledge that encompasses many industries and market segments. We provide in depth consulting services for Medical, Legal, Real Estate, Professional Practices and more. Typical clients are professional practices and corporations that rely on technology for their day-to-day operations. FMP Media Solutions helps clients make sense of the complex technologies they depend upon everyday.  
FMP Media Solutions IT Divisions provide solutions for data protection, encryption, security; document and forms processing, automation & archiving; mobile technologies & telecommunications. We specialize in providing consultation on technological innovations to prepare you for tomorrow and stay in the game today. We understand the importance of integrity in the handling of sensitive information. Our seasoned technology experts will help you wade through the dangerous waters where your operations can become jeopardized.Downtime in today's world is very costly.
FMP Media Solutions Divisions; Design, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media & Internet Design offer the full-service web design, content creation, marketing and e-solutions you have been searching for in one premium boutique. Offering graphic design work, websites, logos, e-commerce solutions, internet marketing, search engine optimization services, social media marketing and web hosting. FMP Media Solutions can handle all facets of your internet marketing, online branding, offline campaigns & eCommerce business needs bring everything full circle.
ROI Return On Investment FMP Media Solutions No internet initiative would be complete without the proper tool(s) to gain the insights and edge so a deeper understanding and high level grainular knowledge can be gained to apply back into the strategy hopper for finer tuning if required. ROI, metric measuring tools for real world analytics. Monitor and track the results performance from every angle and portal to allow full "Top Down" reporting. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google & many others; all should be integrated when possible to fully interact with the audience of mobile consumers and client based touch points.
  FMP Media Solutions Divisions Team of Experts are ready......Lets get to work.

You can read more about all of our service offerings by visiting any one of FMP Media Solutions Family Global Divisions' Website.
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Below are "Drop-Down" areas for some of FMP Media Solutions Family of International Companies Global Divisions.
You can visit any one of the Global Divisions Solutions Centers on Facebook & Twitter by visiting their main website. Follow the proper links below.

Communications - (Virtual Secretaries, Virtual PBX, Messaging Integrations)

Consulting - (Business, Logistics, Management, Processes, Technology & More)

FMP Media Solutions Family Divisions provide highly specialized consulting:


Visit FMP Media Solutions Consulting Division main web site here:



FMP Legal - (Professional Practice Specialties)

FMP Media Solutions Legal Division is specialized in professional practice environments.
FMP Media Solutions Legal Computer services Division

FMP Media TV - (Digital Content, Distribution; Social Media Technology)

FMP Media TV is our Digital Content Creation and Distribution Division.
FMP Media TV Digital Content Creation & Distribution. Social Media Technology.

FMP Medical - (Professional Practice IT & Management)

Internet Consulting

FMP Media Solutions Internet Consulting Division. Fully encompassing communications. So many facets of internet areas that our team can assist in.
FMP Solutions in Communication, Voice, efax, email, voip systems.

IT Computer Services

FMP Media Solutions is an industry leader in Computer IT Services.





Marketing & Public Relations


FMP Media's Professional Marketing Services Divisions:



Visit our Marketing & Public Relation Solutions Division main web site here:

Networks & Cloud Computing - ( Private Clouds, Backups, Virtual PBX)

We provide a large range of cloud computing services & cloud migration consulting.

FMP Media Cloud Computing Solutions Division

Security & Protection - ( Data Encryption, VPN, Firewalls, Fault Tolerance)

Data security is vital in today's information intensive environments.

FMP Media Solutions Security Division utilizes various techniques and systems to implement a range of security to protect your business's integrity.

Visit our Security & Protection Solutions Division main web site here:

Social Media Marketing - (Brand Positioning, Audience Listening, ROI Metrics & Analytics)

  • Your customers may be on your website but are your prospects arriving there?
  • If you could get new customers without having them come to your website, would you care?
  • How about building brand recognition & trust off your website so your conversion rate from your website goes up?

We infuse social media marketing into an online marketing plan

Visit our Social Media Marketing Solutions Division main web site here:

Travel Industry Global Expansion - (We are recruiting for qualified candidates.)

The Travel Industry is an estimated $8 Trillion dollar global industry.(2015)

We are actively recruiting, hiring and bringing on many new team members to work with us in over 28 countries. If you are looking for a fun rewarding change in your life you may want to consider the travel industry. Contact us by visiting our primary travel division website to learn more about our travel expansion and all of the job opportunities that are available. You will not only realize financial rewards but a lifestyle that allows you more fun, freedom and fullfilment.

Read More .. global travel expansion division Click here....

VoiP & Telecom - ( Call Recording, Follow Me#s, Call Routing)

FMP Media/Networks Telecom Solutions Division has complete telecom, communication and mobile office functionality features required to stay in-touch. Multiple paths of corporate communication are available. Dependable and manageable communication solutions can be custom designed to enhance and support your business goals. FMP Media/Networks Solutions gets you connected & keeps you connected.

FMP Media Solutions Telecom Division

Visit our VoiP & Telecom Solutions Division main web site here:

Web sITE Design

FMP Media Solutions website design division start each Web-design development project with a comprehensive website design plan. Prior to creating a web site design for any website endeavor we perform a complete analysis of the requirements, target markets and competition.

FMP Media solutions web-site design division creates effective web sites that succeed in delivering messages, advertising and information to target audiences; obtaining the desired results for our clients.

Web-SITE Marketing

FMP Media Solutions' Marketing Divisions assist clients to achieve higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO) organic ranking. Our internet marketing services produce significant traffic and sales for our clients. We provide large corporations, small niche businesses, individuals and start-up companies high level exposure with our more results oriented approach.

FMP Media Solultions Website Marketing Division

Web Site Consulting - ( Site Planning, Strategic Elements, Insights)

FMP Media's web design solutions division consultants spend time with each client to create a custom web design that provides a compelling & easily navigable website.

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